Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Beginning to Look a lot Like Spring!

Hello from Indianapolis!

Well, I'm here in Indy for a total of 19 days which is nearly unheard of for my current job! We're staying at an extended stay hotel so it gave us the opportunity to go GROCERY SHOPPING! Wow, I don't think I've ever been so excited to grocery shop...AND since we're in Indiana, I got to go to a MEIJER! It's funny the little things that make me happy & make me think of home, like a simple trip to Meijer (for those of you that don't know it's a grocery store in the Michigan/Indian/Ohio & I think Kentucky area, my regular grocery store growing up!) So, I stocked up on all healthy foods & snacks & LOTS of fruit. So far, so good...before leaving Delaware I got the opportunity to go to a Weight Watchers meeting & happy to say that I'm at my lowest weight...ever! :) I want to keep this up (or down in this case)!

Our first event in Indianapolis was an Indiana Pacer's basketball game vs. the Phoenix Suns. Now, you all know my love of sports...but I have to say basketball is one of my least favorite & I prefer college hoops over pro. BUT in saying that, I love all sports & I definitely love the atmosphere of sporting events in general. So, as far as the two teams go, I'm not very savvy on who plays for what teams, I think I may know a combined three people for the teams. As we were unloading our equipment from the truck onto dollies to be taken to our event site there were players coming into the loading bay area & parking their sweet cars or coming in on buses, etc. At one point a large bus pulls up & about ten people total were on it, probably four players & some other administrative/coaching people. As the typical basketball players exited the bus one got off, very short, long blond scraggly hair and OMGOODNESS...it was Steve Nash, one of the few players I knew from the teams! So I turned to Michelle & in a very intense whisper said, "HOLY CRAP, THAT'S STEVE NASH" and she was like, "Steve who?" Ahh! Now I was working & he seemed pretty focused, so I didn't snap a photo or anything like that, but he did walk within feet of me & I was pretty excited about that!

I was hoping to see some other athlete sightings here in Indy since the NFL Combine is happening down at the Lucas Oil Stadium downtown, but no such luck! Michelle & I went to dinner at P.F. Changs on Sunday after failing at finding a church with an evening service & I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised with how tasty the food was. I'm not a HUGE fan of Chinese food, although I do like it on occasion. I went all out, got the lettuce wrap appetizer, the sesame chicken entree & then we shared the banana spring roll with coconut-pineapple ice cream for dessert. I looked up the Points+ values on Dottie's Weight Loss Zone website & was shocked to see how low the Points values were! Everything was delicious, especially the dessert! I'm more of a chocolate girl when it comes to sweets, but this was BY FAR the best dessert I've ever eaten! Now, when I got home & looked at the nutritional information on the actual P.F. Chang's website...I realized I had made a big mistake! What I thought was a 19 Points+ meal turned out to be 48!!!! But, I tracked it & earned some Activity Points...and I'm still in the green for the week. AND I'm not disappointed, like I said...that dessert was DIVINE!

Yesterday I got the opportunity to take the car (thanks Kevin & Michelle) for a bit & go visit my family in Roann, Indiana! I was able to see my Grandma Collins, my brother Mike who was visiting, cousins Melissa & Billy, Billy's wife Jeanettah as well as their sweet baby boy, Dade & my Aunt & Uncle, Cathy & Bill! It was MUCH needed family time & I'm SO glad I got the chance to go visit with them for a couple hours! Another great piece of family news is that my mom & dad will be visiting next week while I'm here in Indy! I cannot wait to see them!

Well, have to be going now...another Pacer's game tonight! Maybe I'll get a chance to see Tyler Hansbrough (basically the only Pacer player I know)!

Oh & p.s. I'm RIDICULOUSLY excited that baseball season has started! Spring Training games & highlights on Sports Center make me like...so happy, so, so happy!! Go TIGERS!! <3 Muah!

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