Saturday, January 22, 2011

45 Weeks in a Suitcase

The day is getting closer! Tomorrow I leave Charlotte and head to Chicago (which I would like to point out has a 28 degree high temperature difference for the day! Brrr!) In preparation for my departure I've been spending the last couple days running back and forth to Target, the mall and Bed Bath and Beyond, trying to ensure I am the most organized I can be for my 45 weeks on the road!

As of last night I had my 29" suitcase packed & ready to go and surprisingly enough, it only weighed about 52 lbs! I forgot to add my tennis shoes & Starbucks coffee when I weighed it, so it might be slightly higher, but I really hope it isn't enough to get charged at the airport! I took everyone's advice and rolled my clothes, which seemed to work out quite well. It obviously didn't change the weight, but made a considerable different in the amount of room I have left in my suitcase! I picked up a couple new items to help keep me organized, but one of my favorite items is a small "organizer" if you will, it's about 14" x 10" or so and has a mesh top, basically it is to keep your things organized. I used it to put all my "intimates" in (bras, undies, socks) so I don't have to go digging for them as they might slide around while I'm hauling my luggage from place to place! If I hadn't already been to Target about six times in the last four days, I'd probably go pick up another one for my tanks & t's!

So, for 45 weeks on the road, this is a rough estimate of what I packed:
- Fitness equipment (Yak Trax, armband, swim gear)
- Healthy supply of "intimates" (Something I learned at my former employer - 3 bras: 1 to wash, 1 to wear & one to spare!)
- 1 pair: dress flats, Chucks, flip flops, running shoes & I decided to wear my Minnetonka (like Ugg) boots since I have the Midwest Region!
- A roll-up bag FULL of everything for the bathroom (I am picky with hair/skin care)
- Accessories: wrap/scarf, winter scarf, 2 winter hats (including my cupcake hat of course!), gloves, small clutch, belt
- Curling iron & blow dryer (some of you probably think the dryer is unnecessary because they usually have them in rooms now, but my hair takes FOREVER to dry & this particular model works well on my hair & it's travel-sized!)
- Sleep mask
- 4 long sleeve tops
- 4 "casual" t-shirts (like plain v-necks with small pocket)
- 6 tank tops (I usually wear them under everything)
- 1 pair: Lounge shorts, yoga pants, leggings
- 2 pair of shorts
- Long sleeve black "sweater"
- Fitness outfit: tank, tshirt, l/s dry-fit, jacket, pants, shorts
- Dress clothes: Top, black pants, khakis, dress
- 2 pair of jeans
- 3 regular tshirts (Representing WMU, Tigers & Red Wings)
- 2 sweatshirts: 1 zip up & one pullover (pullover is Tigers of course!)

That pretty much sums it up as far as my suitcase goes, there are some other random things like my travel coffee mug (that was a going away gift from one of my BFFs, Marisa) and some Starbucks coffee (because we all know I love me some Starbs) and I also have a backpack that will hold my computer, a couple books, most of my "technology" items, etc.

Now that everything is packed, I'm going to be spending the morning filling out paperwork for the job, making copies of important documents and trying to pack away all my things so it's out of my sister's way (I feel HORRIBLE that I have to leave everything here!) Hopefully I can be focused & productive, because I want to leave plenty of time to hang out with the fam! My sister & I are going to get pedicures later & then we're all going to head to Mellow Mushroom for pizza! (My exbf said it was the best pizza he's ever had & he's been to Italy! So I've been wanting to go since there is one fairly close, I can't wait!)

So, unless I get inspired to write tomorrow, this will be my last post from "home"! If training isn't too hectic I will be sure to post from Chicago & Wisconsin! I can't wait to land in Chicago sporting my GREEN hoodie, I wonder if I'll get nasty comments from "Da Bears" fans! Until next time...See ya later! <3

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  1. I love the tip about the bras!

    Congrats on the job Meg! ...and another Happy Birthday :)