Monday, January 31, 2011

Hitting the Road

Today I left Wisconsin with my team (Map Team 1) and Map Team 2 & headed toward the northeast! We drove through Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana & Ohio which is where we currently find ourselves. We stopped in a very small town where our hotel is literally built on a cornfield (I even asked the receptionist...I think I offended her too, but I redeemed myself by saying my high school & parents home was also built on a cornfield, lol). So, the drive was good...actually much better than I thought it would be considering the weather reports! Overnight & tomorrow a lot of the U.S. is supposed to be hit with some winter stormage. Now, being from Michigan I can totally handle the's the ice & driving with a 15-foot trailer behind me that is scary! So prayers for safe travels for all of our map teams (1-4) would be appreciated!

This week was intense...basically 7 straight days of training & lots of new information, but I am SO excited about this tour! I can't wait to have more confirmed locations so I can share with y'all what I'll be up to...I bet the suspense is killing you! For now, looks like Team 1 (my team) is heading to NYC, Team 2 to Delaware, Team 3 to Dallas for the SUPER BOWL and Team 4 to L.A., fun stuff right there! I hope all the teams have fun & are successful in their first launch! I know they all will be because we had an awesome group training & a great group of trainers!!

While on the road I'm determined to try & stay healthy/ tomorrow morning I'm going to get up early & jump into the gym for a little bit before we head out. I checked it out & all they have is a treadmill, stationary bike & eliptical...but at least it's something. I'm also going to avoid the cinnamon rolls & pastries (as best I can!) I also plan to hit up a Weight Watchers meeting once in New York...hoping maybe I can find one of Trixie's locations in Manhattan! :) I know being on the road this much and trying to stay healthy is going to be a major challenge, but I totally want to do it. Plus, it'll be like an extra accomplishment in the end, right? So, for now it's hotel gym's & sensible continental breakfasts!

Speaking of hotels! Many of the road "veterans" encouraged us to sign up for Priority Club membership while traveling! It's such a great idea & I can wait to collect all my points throughout the year, I've heard of so many people getting flights paid for, Amazon gift cards...Apple products! I can't wait! Only 15 nights to achieve "Gold Status" ...and that's like 2 weeks for me! I'm going to be platinum in no time! Hopefully I can use my points to take a vacation abroad! Ahh, just thinking about all this traveling I'll be doing makes me SO happy!

Alright, for's time for bed. I'm hearing not so great things about the weather, so hopefully we don't get snowed in!! I'll be up bright & early to head to the "gym". I miss everyone!!! Muah!

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