Friday, January 28, 2011

Woah. Dream Big.

Well hello from Wisconsin! I think it's so funny that we passed a "Cheese Castle" on our way in & not only is that funny in itself, but it immediately made me ask the question, "I wonder how many times Marisa has been here?" (Marisa is one of my best friends...and the biggest GB Pack fan I know) She has officially confirmed she HAS been there...more than once! :) Speaking of the Packers, I bought a "2010 NFC Champions" shirt today to wear when we stay overnight in Pittsburgh on our way to our launch event! Not that I'm a huge Pack fan or anything, but I'm NOT a Steelers fan...and I think I'm allowed to be a casual fan since I'm a supporter of any WMU alumni, aka Greg Jennings.

So, did you catch the hint on my last post of where the launch event will be?? Well, if you didn't, it has pretty much been confirmed that I will be heading to NEW YORK CITY! WOAH, right? I've never been to the "Big Apple" and my first thought was, I HAVE TO SEE YANKEE STADIUM! Too bad it's not baseball season, however I'm still excited to see it! I'm also VERY excited to try & meet up with my Weight Watchers friends while in town!

And, although all the traveling is awesome I still have a job to do! And today we got the first experience of the new set up! It is AWESOME! I probably had the most successful & exhausting day all in one today where I learned how to back up our vehicle to a trailer, hitch & unhitch the trailer! Then after lunch we spent the next four hours setting up and tearing down our event site twice! It's a sweet 10 x 20 tent with five different display stations, etc. Then we have an amazing 15-foot trailer & get to drive a 2011 Toyota 4-Runner! And while I'm kind of "against" foreign cars, we are really lucky to have such a cool bunch of things to work with...and if I were allowed to post pics I SO would. When I get a chance I'll try to "modify" some photos & post them so you can see just how cool all this is!

Although today was tough, I feel good about everything! I'm really excited about my crew, the set up, the products, the travel & everything else! I'm a little sad that I'm bonding with some of the other group members though & after this weekend we'll all go our separate ways! The more I hang out with these people, the more I get to know them & love them all! <3 I do have to say, after a good meal at the local Applebees & a hot shower, I feel like a new person! I am still exhausted though & plan to pass out as soon as I post this!

Tomorrow is our driving day...I hear it's pretty intense! I'll be learning how to drive our vehicle with our 15-foot Wisconsin & the snow! We are heading to NYC though which I hear just got dumped on, so it'll be good practice! ::yawn:: Alright, it's time for bed! Hopefully I can update one more day before we hit the road...SEE YA LATER!


  1. I almost bought a packers tee to spite pittsburg fans, but couldn't REALLY justify my purchase :/

  2. Glad to hear you bought your first Packers shirt. Maybe it'll be the start to a collection :) Safe travels love.