Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Progress Report!

Oi from Chicago! Sorry I haven't been able to update...and probably kept so many of you in suspense these past few days! (Haha) I've been incredibly busy with all my training, meeting my crew members & making friends with the whole group of trainees. There are twelve of us total, 4 groups of 3...all about to head out on an adventure of a lifetime! :)

Everyone is great so far, I especially love my two travel partners! After spilling my life story to Michelle when I first arrived from the airport, we quickly bonded over being Christians & praying on the plane for a Christian travel partner! Thank the Lord, prayers answered for both of us! She's originally from Brazil & will be teaching me Portuguese along the way (hint hint - Oi (said "oye") means hello! She is a very cool, very sweet girl & I'm excited to learn more about her & travel the U.S. with her!! My other travel partner is Kevin, he is great! He's done a tour before & is going to be an awesome resource on the products & event sites, I can't wait to learn from him!

Since I've been here it's pretty much been team building & learning A LOT of new information!! However, I couldn't be more happy so far. The company is amazing & I'd love to eventually come back & work in the office once I'm done with this (and possibly another tour depending on HOW much I love this!) I really enjoy Chicago too, it's such a fun much to see, so much to do. When we arrive the Bears were losing to the Packers (which we got updates throughout our flight from Atlanta to Chicago which was cool)...but it was still a fun atmosphere! (And if you didn't catch it from before, I was happy with the Bears losing!) :)

I've eaten a lot of "Chicago" traditions...and I now feel like a cow! I did get a response from Weight Watchers though & I will be able to visit almost any location for a meeting each week, no matter where I sign up as long as I have the monthly pass! I'm really excited...hoping to sign up officially in my next city! Which brings me to my itinerary for the next couple months! But, guess what...I'm going to keep it a secret for now, since nothing is really finalized. Let's just say my first destination will hopefully keep me healthy..."an APPLE a day keeps the doctor away" after all! That's all I'm saying, but from what I've heard, I won't be in the midwest very much in the beginning of the tour, I'll be all over, but I don't know many of the details & NOTHING is set in stone, so I'm going to just go day by day.

Tomorrow we leave for Wisconsin where we'll be doing our "on the job" type training. We'll be outside for part of it & it's going to be COLD! Some of the people in training are from California, New Orleans, Florida, Georgia, etc...they're all freezing! Haha. Well, until later...tchau! (Which is "good-bye" in Portuguese, pronounced like chow). Muah!

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